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Serenity Studio

A God-centered community facilitating intentional, personalized, lifestyle wellness care for first responders & community members since 2014.


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Lifestyle Mastery & areas of self enrichment, enhancement & fulfillment.
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Body therapies to alleviate ailment & restore homeostasis.
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Holistic nourishment & supportive resources to promote balanced wellness.
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Experience lifestyle wellness by embracing & nurturing your God-gifted authentic self.


I'm grateful to work alongside you!

I’m Caitlin, a Lifestyle Wellness Practitioner and I support clients with guidance and inspiration during their healing journey. As you work through & beyond stressors, traumas, and mindset blockers, I hold space for and support you as your mind, body & soul experience the unwinding & releasing process.


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A Balanced Body

Your body endures physical shifts due to emotional stress, career based activities, and activities of daily life. Alleviating physical pains & discomfort, releasing stress, and retraining your body to function optimally is within reach!

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Our popular classes & services are a great place to start in making your wellness a priority.

Yoga: Mind + Body Connection

Our mind + body connective yoga classes offer a simple yet restorative insight  to help you understand that the stress you experience can impact your physical state of being in various ways, and provides guidance in flowing routines to support overall wellness.

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Essential Oils: Emotional Healing & Breaking Barriers

This personalized service allows our trauma release mentor to work one-on-one with you to create an emotional healing wellness support plan. This plan includes utilizing therapeutic grade essential oils, scanning your body's frequency to pinpoint specific areas to support, and integrating mindful resources and techniques to better support you.

Each plan is created and custom designed for you specifically and varies in length.

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Faith In The Darkness

Helping  you connect with God and enhance your communication with Him, as a powerful part of your daily routine to remind you to keep your eyes on Him and not the storm.

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