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"Caitlin was so wonderful. Not only with her kind and gentle personality, but her massage was so perfect and appreciated." -- Amber R.

"I've been going to Caitlin for years now. It takes time to find a massage therapist who knows what they are doing. Been thru quite a few and finally one who uses just the right amount of pressure. Plus the essential oils are awesome. Thank you Caitlin Roberts!!!!" -- Toby A.

"Wow rough week for me and Dawn made me feel so much better!! Highly recommend her and will be back soon! Thank you so much." -- Amy T.

"I am a grandmother & great-grandmother and I had my first ever massage by Caitlin yesterday. I have been struggling with tightness and pain across my shoulders, back and leg. Caitlin is so talented and kind; she was very reassuring and walked me through the process. I live in Overland Park, but it's definitely worth the drive to Tonganoxie; not only do I feel better this morning, but I was actually able to sleep last night. I highly recommend Caitlin Roberts to anyone having muscle pain or tightness, and I look forward to going back soon." -- Lynne P.

"Caitlin goes way above and beyond to help her clients. Could not have made it through my day without her ." -- Monica G.

"Dawn did an amazing job working on my back and shoulders. I will definitely be going back soon." -- Scott R.

"Excellent! I would highly recommend Caitlin to anyone who needs or wants a massage. Friendly and professional service. I feel so much better after my first massage with her today." -- Krista H.

"Went in with my shoulders drawn up and tense. Went out feeling like a million bucks! I will be visiting again soon." -- Eathel M.

"Loved my first experience of getting a massage. Catlin, thank you for your knowledge and amazing talent. I will definitely be returning. Loved it!" -- Kelly C

"Booking an appointment was very simple, no wait time, and high quality. I love how untraditional it is and how they support first responders. It also means a lot that they include corrections. " -- Sara P.

"I love her massages! They are absolutely relaxing and wonderful and she is extremely skilled with her hands." -- Katelyn S.

"Caitlin is very professional and knows what she's doing. She's the only one I would recommend!" -- Chris S.

"Caitlin is a fantastic massage therapist, and I have tried everywhere. She makes you feel so comfortable and really has a knack for knowing exactly what to do. She's always my first choice." -- Paris G.

"I had my 1st prenatal massage yesterday and fell inlove! She does an amazing job! The baby liked it to! She got him to move out of my back and more in place to where its more comfortable. Thank you! I give her 2 thumbs up! I will be continuing my prenatal massages till baby and then normal after." -- Danielle H.

"Immediately upon receiving a good referral, I booked an appointment! It has been a rough few years for me, recovering from chemotherapy treatment for leukemia. Caitlin had such a sweet spirit, a compassionate ear and tremendous professionalism...I felt so great after my 90 minute massage! My next visit can’t come soon enough." -- Cynthia W.

“Amazing experience! I drove 45 minutes to get my first massage ever and I was not disappointed. Caitlin was very thorough and took her time working through my tight muscles, focusing on my area of concern. I was surprised at how much time she spent on my head, it was amazing. The room was very clean and the ambiance was very relaxing. I’m certain we’ll be back. Bonus: They are extremely pro-Law Enforcement, Fire, Military, etc., hence the name. As an Investigator for a local agency, it’s nice to be appreciated.” – Mary O.

"Holy Moly! Don't waste another second deciding if you should book or not, because you 100% should! I have been to a LOT of different massage places in JoCo, none of which have totally met my expectations. I am so glad I was recommended to come here. Caitlin takes her time and got all the places with the perfect amount of pressure…. All the stars to you, my friend, and I will 100% be back." -- Alyssa D.

We welcome you to experience wellness with us, too!